Why it’s Important to Periodically Restore Your Ride With Auto Detailing

Detailing your vehicle not only makes it look and smell better, but also helps protect the paint and interior, which can extend the longevity of your vehicle. A professional automotive detailing service can also increase the value of your vehicle if you are going to sell it. Those are just a few of the benefits to detailing your vehicle, but some may be asking, what does it mean to detail your vehicle and what all is included? We will go into detail, pun intended, on what it all means and how it helps your vehicle look like new.

What is Professional Auto Detailing? 

So what is professional auto detailing anyways? Professional auto detailing is the art of cleaning a vehicle back to like-new conditions. Car detailing services are much more in depth and labor intensive than a regular car wash or vacuum out. These professionals are trained to clean every nook and cranny of your vehicle and make it crystal clean! Professional detailing services are done by hand and not simply run through an automated wash. 

Why is it Important to Keep My Vehicle Clean?

There are numerous reasons why keeping your vehicle clean is important, it not only helps the longevity of your vehicle, but can also raise the resale value of your vehicle if you are selling it. Keeping your car detailed will help protect the exterior paint and interior finish, remove and prevent stains and can remove odors. Regular detailings will help in preventing excessive wear and tear on the vehicle, since a clean vehicle will stay clean longer. Vehicles with leather interior should especially keep up on detailings, quality detail companies will apply a leather moisturizer that will prevent cracking and tearing. 

Process of Auto Detailing

The process of an auto detailing service can vary depending on the package a customer selects. Services can range anywhere from an hour interior detail service, to an extensive interior and exterior detailing that will clean your entire vehicle. Details can also have add-ons like repair services, but we will get into those later on. 

Interior Auto Detailing

Let’s start out with interior detailing, since that is where you will spend all of your time in your vehicle. An interior detailing service is meant to restore your seats, dash and all other interior parts of your vehicle to like-new condition. The professional detailer will use specialized tools and cleaners to clean surfaces better than someone would be able to at home in their driveway. Prices will typically vary depending on vehicle size. 

The detailer will do all of the following during an interior detailing service – 

  • Shampoo and hot water extract dirt and grime from all carpets, floor mats and seats in the vehicle
  • Dirt and stains will be removed from the headliner 
  • All cracks, crevices and panels will be detailed
  • Windows, mirrors and sunroofs will be cleaned
  • Leather seats will be freshened and rejuvenated 
  • Glove box and center console will be cleaned and wiped out
  • Everything will be vacuumed, including the tire compartment and trunk

Exterior Auto Detailing

Next up is exterior detailing, an exterior detail will not only clean the outside of your vehicle, but it will also help protect it from the elements for some time to come. An exterior detailing service will typically include services like the ones below. Again, the pricing will depend on the vehicle type/size. 

  • A complete hand wash and steam rinse of the vehicle
  • Clean to remove brake dust, rail dust, bugs and tar with a special clay bar treatment
  • Wheels, wheel wells and rims will all be properly cleaned
  • Door jambs and inside of the fuel door will be cleaned 
  • Windows, mirrors, sunroof or any other glass on the exterior of the vehicle will be cleaned
  • Treat tires, trim and grill with a premium exterior dressing for a great finish
  • Apply a durable wax sealant to protect your vehicle’s exterior
  • Clean and shine exhaust tips

What Additional Services Are Available?

I think it is well known that automotive body shops are expensive and can have a wait list of up to a month or more to even get your vehicle in. That is where a professional automotive detailing company can swoop in to save the day, with the same quality work as the big named body shops, but for a fraction of the cost and wait. Detailing doesn’t stop after an interior and exterior detail, there are also some awesome additional services offered that may take your car from looking broken down to like-new again, without breaking the bank. These additional services are as follows –

  • Scratch removal
  • Dent removal
  • Paintless dent removal (PDR)
  • Interior repair


How Often Should You Have Your Car Professionally Detailed? 

The frequency you have your vehicle detailed can vary by person, but in general, it is advised to have your vehicle detailed 2 to 3 times a year, or every 4-6 months. In states that use salt in the winter, it is highly recommended that you have your vehicle detailed after winter, to make sure all of the salt and crud is cleaned off your vehicle that can cause rust later on down the road. If you want your vehicle to look and smell like-new and sparkle crystal clean, then I think you know who you should contact, the professionals at Crystal Clean Auto Detailing and book an appointment now

Leave it to the Professionals

You are now aware of the many benefits of having your vehicle professionally detailed 2-3 times a year. This can increase the value of your vehicle, protect it from anything mother nature, or your kids, can throw at it and it will look and smell like-new again. Professional automotive detailers, like the pros at Crystal Clean, will use specialized tools and cleaners to restore the shine to your vehicle. They also offer amazing services like pickup and delivery or Fly N Shine, where you can park your vehicle at the airport, have it picked up and detailed and then returned to the airport before you get back.  If you want these services to bring your vehicle back to a like-new condition, click here to schedule your appointment now!

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