Crystal Clean’s Fly N Shine Airport Service

Next time you are flying out of Gerald R. Ford International Airport, don’t let your car just sit there while you rack up charges.

Allow our team to perform our Fly N Shine services

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Short Term Parking Service:

  • Contact Crystal Clean at least 24 hours before your departure for an appointment.
  • Park your vehicle in short term parking and place keys in dropbox.
  • We pay for your parking and clean your vehicle to perfection while you are away.
  • Your vehicle will be waiting for you in short term parking. The keys will be in a coded safety locker in the short term garage that only you can access.
  • $50 Transportation Fee + Deluxe Detail Package
  • Minimal Parking Fees
  • Coupe: $312 Sedan: $336 Sm SUV: $360 Lg SUV: $384 XL Van: $480

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