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We take immense pride in returning beloved cars to their original showroom glory! With a passion for the little details and automotive excellence, we are ready to be your trusted partner for detailing, repair, and restoration needs.

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Company History


Crystal Clean Auto Detailing originally began as a mobile detailing operation.


It doesn't take long for Crystal Clean Auto Detailing to transition into its first stand-alone location off of 28th Street with two detailing bays and ten employees.


Crystal Clean moves to a larger facility off Broadmoor to accommodate additional detailing business. The Vehicle Photography Studio remarketing concept was also founded. The Photography Studio provided dealers with studio space to photograph their used car inventory instead of standard parking lot photos.


It’s no surprise that with Ross Timyan’s aspirations for setting a new standard within the automotive detailing and reconditioning industry, the company set its sights on a 35,000 sq ft facility on Eastern Ave in 2010. His vision included new technology standards for digital estimates and online requests, the Mid-Nite Transfer pickup and delivery service, and an improved Vehicle Photography Studio. Crystal Clean also expanded its traditional services by leading the former Steelcase building off of 36th Street to create a heated Indoor Storage Facility for vehicles, boats, and more!


Chad Cornell, one of our employees, was named the Most Valuable Carwasher in 2011 by Professional Car Washing and Detailing Magazine. 


In 2012, Crystal Clean Auto Detailing, LLC began employing more than 40 people and has since been able to facilitate the detailing and photography for roughly 75 cars given a 24-hour turn-a-round time. Our highly skilled technicians have the know-how, tools, and equipment to expertly complete virtually any interior or exterior cosmetic repair on your vehicle.


Since owner Ross Timyan founded Crystal Clean Auto Detailing in 2006 as a mobile detailing operation, the organization has been thriving with entrepreneurial ambition. We are the largest detailing operation of its kind in the Midwest, and our mission is to continue to raise the bar in quality. Our 35,000 sq ft facility is one of a kind. It provides the absolute best in efficiency and effectiveness to render the highest quality results for our clients.

Both word-of-mouth and marketing efforts have allowed the company to grow its operations to that of over 30 auto dealerships, thousands of retail customers, body shop accounts, and an exclusive partnership with the Standard Parking Corporation and the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

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