Save on GRR Airport Parking Rates and Make Your Car Look Like New Again

Traveling out of Gerald R. Ford Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan is typically a great experience, they were even named the Best Small Airport in the Country by USA TODAY, but what could make GRR even better? What if you could have your vehicle detailed, while you travel, and you can avoid the normal fees associated with parking at the airport?

In business since 2006, Crystal Clean Auto Detailing is a name you can trust. Crystal Clean’s Fly N Shine program is a tried and true program which has so many benefits, that we will go over below.

Avoid Normal Parking Fees at GRR Airport

With short-term parking costing about $30 a day, parking fees seem to be constantly on the rise, with no end in sight. But there is an option where you can avoid the normal parking fees at the Grand Rapids airport AND return to a Crystal Clean vehicle.

Introducing Fly N Shine, in exclusive partnership with Gerald R. Ford Airport, Crystal Clean’s Fly N Shine program is unique in that it allows you to return from your travels to a like-new vehicle, and avoid the normal parking fees that everyone hates paying.

We will store your vehicle at our secured facility after giving it the cleaning of its life, and it will wait there until you are returning and we drop your vehicle off before your flight lands.

So how does it all work?

The Fly N Shine Process

Made to be as easy and convenient as possible for you, Crystal Clean’s Fly N Shine program in association with the Gerald R. Ford Airport, is a reliable and proven service which we have perfected over the years.

The process works like this – 

  1. Contact Crystal Clean at least 24 hours prior to your departing flight from GRR airport
  2. Park your vehicle in the short-term lot at Gerald R. Ford Airport
  3. Place your keys in our convenient dropbox located inside the airport
  4. We pick up your vehicle after you depart and clean it to a like-new condition while you are traveling
  5. We will return your vehicle to short-term parking at GRR Airport prior to your return from traveling
  6. You put a code into the dropbox and retrieve your keys
  7. Get in your Crystal Clean vehicle and enjoy

With our proven process, we will give your vehicle an approximately eight hour long cleaning and every single nook and cranny will be cleaned. We will return your vehicle to you in a like-new condition! All while you enjoy your travels and avoid the normal fees typically associated with flying and traveling.

Complete Detailing Service for Your Vehicle

All Fly N Shine appointments are given our Deluxe Detailing Package. Our deluxe package will completely rejuvenate your vehicle and help it sparkle like the day you got it. The deluxe package includes a complete detailing of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. All of the services listed below will be included!

  • Shampoo and hot water extraction of all carpets, floor mats, and seats
  • Remove dirt and stains from the headliner
  • Detail all cracks, crevices, and panels
  • Wash windows, mirrors, and sunroof
  • Freshen and rejuvenate leather seats
  • Clean and wipe out glove box and center console
  • Vacuum spare tire compartment and trunk
  • Complete hand wash with steam rinse
  • Remove brake dust, rail dust, bugs, and tar with clay bar treatment
  • Proper cleaning of wheels, wheel wells, and rims
  • Wipe down door jambs and inside fuel door
  • Treat tires, trim, and grill with premium exterior dressing
  • Apply durable wax sealant
  • Clean and shine exhaust tips

With our complete Deluxe Detailing Package, your vehicle will be returned to you looking like it did the day you bought it. No dirt in the cracks or crevices, no spots or smears on your windows, no dirty carpet, just a Crystal Clean vehicle waiting for you to return from your travels.

Saving on Parking Rates, While Making Your Vehicle Look New Again

Fly N Shine was designed to make your life easier, plain and simple, but there are so many other benefits! In collaboration with Gerald R. Ford Airport, we have developed a seamless process that is convenient for you. To make traveling even better, you will return to a Crystal Clean vehicle and you can avoid the normal fees associated with airport parking. 

Your vehicle will be professionally detailed inside and out, every nook and cranny will be cleaned and dirt won’t stand a chance. Your vehicle will look like it did the day you drove it off the lot! 

Also, what better time is there to have additional services done to your vehicle than while you are away and traveling? Crystal Clean offers additional services such as odor removal, engine detailing, bumper repair, and more! Click here to see them all. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a Fly N Shine detailing service, just click here!

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