Crystal Clear Vision: The Ultimate Guide to Headlight Restoration

Everyone has seen it before, a car that looks great, the paint is sparkling, the wheels shining, but the headlights are foggy and have a nasty yellow color to them.

This not only makes a car look terrible, but it can also have consequences to your safety and others. When headlights are fogged, or hazy, they can reduce visibility by up to 50%.

Driving is all about split second decisions, but foggy headlights can give you even less time to think and process before something bad happens. Don’t let your vehicle’s headlights get so bad that they impair your visibility at night when driving.


What is Headlight Restoration?

Restoring headlights is not as easy as spraying a cleaner on the headlight, waiting 5 minutes, then wiping off with a paper towel. There are some methods at home that people try, but nothing will compare to a professional headlight restoration.

Our cleaning professionals are experts at making foggy headlights look like new again

Our process uses a special wet sanding and polishing technique to bring your headlights back to life and increase visibility when driving at night.


Why is it Important?


There are a lot of reasons why it is important to have your headlights restored, but first and most importantly, it will increase your visibility when driving at night. Increased visibility will increase your safety and the safety of those around you. 


Enhanced aesthetics is also something you can expect after a headlight restoration. Even a newer vehicle can look old if the headlights are foggy. After restoration, your headlights will have a like-new appearance to them and your vehicle will look better. 

Avoiding a Ticket

Avoiding a traffic violation is another reason it is important to keep your headlight clean. Although not very likely, you could be written a ticket for not meeting certain visibility standards. 

Saves Money

Now for the benefit that EVERYONE likes, it saves you money! A professional headlight restoration can be a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire headlight assemblies on your vehicle. Along with saving you money by not having to replace them, this also helps the environment, because it will prevent creating waste by tossing out the old headlights that could’ve been restored. 

How Often Should I Have Them Restored?

There is no concrete answer to this question, it depends on the environment in which you and your vehicle are, the quality of materials used to produce the headlights, and your judgment. 


We recommend that you have your headlights restored every six months to a year. This will keep your vehicle’s headlights from fogging over and in turn, reducing your visibility. 


If you are someone who loves to show off your vehicle, it is probably best to go closer to the six month mark, but if you are someone who just relies on your vehicle for transportation and are worried about safety and visibility, the one year mark should be perfect. 

How to Restore Headlights

Before wet sanding the headlights, the areas around the headlights will be taped off, to avoid any damage during the restoration process. 


Then the wet sanding technique will sand away the fogginess in your headlights and clear them up. In this process, a lower grit sandpaper will be used to remove the oxidation and fog, then a higher grit sandpaper will be used to refine the surface and remove any finer scratches. 


After the wet sanding is done and the fog has been removed, the headlights will then be rinsed and dried. 


Then the step of polishing will start, polishing will increase the life of your headlights and protect them from the elements for some time to come. 


Finally, the tape will be removed and the headlight will be wiped with a damp cloth to remove any residue from the polishing process. 


See Better at Night

To see better at night, you don’t need a $100k luxury car with the newest type of headlight technology, all you need to do is contact the professionals at Crystal Clean and ask for your headlights to be restored. This is a lot cheaper than having to buy new headlights and tossing out your old ones. 


This headlight restoration process will increase visibility for your vehicle, potentially increase resale value, give it a better appearance, and increase your safety. 


If your vehicle is in need of a headlight restoration, you should contact us now to schedule an appointment with our cleaning professionals. 

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