Airport Valet Service

Let Crystal Clean be your valet the next time you leave town. We now offer a service designed for the weary traveler or the family heading out of town on vacation. We take the hassle out of the way for a smooth vehicle transition while you are traveling and no parking fare as well!

An experienced Crystal Clean employee will either shuttle you to the airport or meet you curbside at the airport and take your vehicle to our secure location. While you are away we will store your vehicle free of charge indoors at our facility. While your away your vehicle will be pampered with any detail package that you desire. When you arrive home Crystal Clean will once again meet you curbside with your clean car or drop off your vehicle in short-term parking based on the time of your arrival and will call, text, or e-mail you the location. 

Using this service eliminates long term parking costs, which average around $14 per day or $98 a week. Not to mention your vehicle will be cleaned top to bottom and stored indoors at Crystal Clean in our fully insured and bonded secure facility.

Here is a real testimonial from a customer who used this service.

Last week was GVSU’s spring break.  First time I’ve been able to go down to my mom’s place in FL for anything other than a long weekend in 12 years of tax seasons.  Usually when I fly for a speaking engagement, Mary or Carolyn runs me to the airport, because they (Carolyn) want my car when I’m gone.  This time I flew down with William on Monday, with Mary and the two high schoolers coming down on Wednesday.  

So instead of paying $12 a day for LT parking, I decided to give the guys Ron Hainer recommended a try (his original email is below).

Worked out great.  They’ve recently moved to a place on Eastern, just north of 36th street.  Mary & the kids drove there on Wednesday morning, a very nice gal drove them to the airport and dropped them off.  When we got back to the GR airport I had a voicemail message witing telling me where in the short term parking to find my car.  They must have just dropped it off, because it cost me $2 to get it out.  Couldn’t be easier.  They did a great job detailing the car, and I was even able to get my windshield replaced while it was there.  And when I take 5 1/2 days of long term parking that I didn’t have to pay off the bill, the price is even better.

Ron’s right, this was a great idea.  Don’t be afraid to give it a try.

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