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before windshield repair
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Our team of windshield replacement and windshield repair experts can fix your windshield problems. We offer flat rate pricing on most automotive windshield replacements. They are professionally installed and sealed with a lifetime warranty (contact us for full details on the warranty). Our repair service prices will vary depending on the type of damage you have. A one-day notice is required for an appointment for our Windshield Replacement service.

Windshield Repair Starting at $50
Windshield Replacement Starting at $200

Windshield Replacement vs Repair

Windshield repairs typically occur when you have a rock chip and typically is smaller than 6 inches and not near the edge of the windshield.  For large chips and long cracks, it’s always best to complete a windshield replacement. We also recommend replacing your windshield if the small crack is in your direct line of sight.

Windshield Repair Process – Starting at $50

Windshield repairs are very affordable, it’s always best to repair your windshield cracks as soon as possible before they turn into large cracks. 

Windshield Replacement – Starting at $200

For those large cracks, or cracks in your direct line of sight, it is always safest to replace the windshield. We have the ability to replace windshields for all makes and models, and we use only top-quality materials for all windshield replacements. The process to replace your windshield typically takes longer than repairs due to having to ensure the glass is secure and safe.