Have scuffed wheels or damaged rims?
Get them fixed with our Wheel Rim Repair service!

Scruffs and scrapes to your alloy rims caused by curbs while parking or moving through tight areas can happen anytime.  The finish on your alloy wheels can be compromised leaving you decide with what to do next.  

You have 3 options when considering your alloy and aluminum rim damage.  

Option One –

You can ignore the damage and continue driving

Option Two –

You can replace the wheels by buying new wheels (which can be costly)

Option Three –

You can have the alloy rims you have repaired – the Crystal Clean Auto Detailing option!

Alloy Rim Repair – Repair vs Replace

Alloy wheel and rim repair helps keep you on the road – and looking good while you are on the road.  The repair option is typically much less expensive than replacing your wheels.  Or, when a matching replacement can’t be found, alloy rim repair is the only option when rims are hard to find or discontinued.  Alloy rim repair is sometimes the only choice and is a more cost-effective option.  The repairs are typically undetectable in most situations.  

When you have scuffs and scrapes that often come with city driving, Crystal Clean Auto Detailing expert rim repair technicians can help keep you looking good with our superior alloy wheel repair.   

Alloy Wheel Repair – Limits

Alloy rim repairs do have limits.  If a wheel is cracked, broken or bent, they cannot be fixed, period. Repairs are generally done to the finish and aluminum is not a metal that can be repaired once cracked or broken.  And if the rim is bent, aluminum does not have the properties needed to be bent back.

Starting at just $125/wheel – contact us today to schedule your appointment and see the Crystal Clean Auto Detailing rim repair difference!

Starting at $125/Wheel – Contact Us!