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6 Month Polymer

Starting at $75


DrivePur™ Odor Removal

Starting at $125



Add on to a Deluxe/Exterior Detail for $50


Because our clients are sometimes never satisfied with just a regular “detail” – We are happy to offer additional premium upgrades with our external and internal detailing packages.  

Our premium upgrades are designed to enhance your detailing experience and the overall look and appearance of your vehicle.

What’s Included in Premium Upgrades

Our premium upgrades all provide an additional layer of enhancement and service no other auto detailer offers. Our upgrades are designed with you, the customer, in mind.

  • Premium Upgrade – 6-month Polymer Sealant – starting at just $75
  • Premium Upgrade – DrivePur Odor Removal – Starting at just $75
  • Premium Upgrade – Engine Detailing – Add on to a Deluxe/Exterior Detail for $50

6 Month Polymer Sealant

Our 6-month Polymer sealant helps protect your vehicles exterior better than a typical wax application. It creates a layer of protection that far outperforms normal waxing. We use a synthetic polymer sealant that forms a chemical bond with your vehicles paint. The sealant helps protect from the most extreme road and environment conditions. Harmful UV rays, tree sap, insects and bugs, commercial soaps are just a few of the things that the sealant helps protect against.

DrivePur Odor Removal

Another of our premium upgrades – we use odor removal products from DrivePur.  Most “odor removal” systems just mask the smell. With DrivePur, odor, germs, and smells are all essentially eliminated. This helps keep you and your family safer from harmful germs while in your vehicle.  For more information, visit their website at

Engine Detail

Add on to any Deluxe/Exterior detail package, we can help remove grime, dirt, and residue from underneath the hood of your car. We use a shampoo and powerful foaming degreaser to start. We then apply a high-pressure rinse to remove the dirt and residue.  

At Crystal Clean Auto Detailing, it’s all about you. Call us today to schedule your appointment and be sure to ask about our premium upgrades services when you do.  616-821-9074 or stop by today!