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Paint Touch Up

Starting at $50

  • From bumpers to hoods, we can fix anything with our Paint Touch Up service!
  • When it comes to rock chips, scratches, and areas of chipped paint that have punctured the clear coat, there are two options – one of which is to have the area re-painted, while the other is to fill in the areas with the manufacturer’s touch up paint.
  • Paint Touch Up comes at a fraction of the cost and can ensure that the affected area be hindered from rusting.
  • The exterior auto reconditioning technician will utilize a fine tip brush and a steady hand to fill in the area(s) that deem beneficial.
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Scratch Removal

Starting at $30

  • Let us remove those awful looking scratches with our Scratch Removal service!
  • It’s never an exciting moment when you get out of the car and go “Where did that scratch come from?”, or when you hit something or someone hits you and you walk around to see the damage.
  • There is a trick for this repair. If you take your finger nail and rub it across the scratch, and you do not notice a groove that catches it, you are likely dealing with a candidate for our scratch removal services.
  • Our auto reconditioning technicians will utilize a compound and buffing pad to carefully remove the scratch. Price will vary dependent upon the severity.
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3-Stage Paint Restoration

Starting at $125

  • Enhance your vehicle’s painted surface with Paint Restoration!
  •  There are cases where the standard exterior detail is not quite aggressive enough to fully restore a vehicle’s clear coat. Where the Paint Restoration differentiates itself on our service menu is in regards to the multiple stages of buffing required to remove heavy swirls and/or scratches.
  • We recommend our Paint Restoration service based on a rigorous inspection process with an exterior auto reconditioning technician who will evaluate the paint’s clear coat.
  • The cost of our Paint Restoration service depends on the severity of the clear coat’s neglect, as well as the size of the vehicle.
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Paint Overspray Removal

Starting at $50

  • Paint Overspray is just as it sounds – For example, if the front bumper of a vehicle was repainted at the body shop, some of the application of the primer or the new paint “oversprayed” onto another area of the vehicle. If you rub your hand across the vehicle and notice it to be very rough like sandpaper, than your likely dealing with Paint Overspray.
  • In order to remove this, an aggressive clay bar utilization is required. This may lightly scratch the exterior when removed, therefore it may require a light buffing process and wax application as the final stage.
  • The price will vary dependent on the severity of the removal process.
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Hard Water Spot Removal

Starting at $40

  • When water contains a high level of minerals, it is considered to be “hard”.
  • If a vehicle affected by hard water is not treated in a quick manner, it will etch into the clear coat making it nearly impossible to remove from even the most thorough of all hand washes.
  • Many times, the exterior needs to be aggressively buffed with a heavy compound and/or a wet-sanding technique in order to remove them.
  • This process can be very time consuming and tedious. Rest assured we have dealt with this type of pallete before.
  • The price will vary dependent on the severity of the removal process.
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Road Paint & Tar Removal

Starting at $50

  • As residents of Michigan, our daily commute encounters countless detours and rocky roads due to road construction. Unfortunately, there are circumstances when the fresh paint or tar has not yet dried and driving through it causes for havoc on the exterior of your vehicle. We have dealt with these inquiries many times before and can confidently say we have a solution.
  • By utilizing a solvent based chemical safe against a vehicle’s clear coat, we can break down the road tar or paint enough to remove it. Due to the severity of the removal process, there may be a buffing requirement and wax application as the final step to this process.
  • The price will vary dependent on the severity of the removal process.
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