Warning – This is a Shameless Commercial Plug for Crystal Clean Auto Detailing’s Free Airport Parking Service


Subject: Shameless

Last week was GVSU’s spring break.  First time I’ve been able to go down
to my mom’s place in FL for anything other than a long weekend in 12 years of
tax seasons.  Usually when I fly for a speaking engagement, Mary or Carolyn
runs me to the airport, because they (Carolyn) want my car when I’m gone.
This time I flew down with William on Monday, with Mary and the two high
schoolers coming down on Wednesday.

So instead of paying $12 a day for LT parking, I decided to give the guys Ron
recommended a try (his original email is below).

Worked out great.  They’ve recently moved to a place on Eastern, just
north of 36th street.  Mary & the kids drove there on Wednesday
morning, a very nice gal drove them to the airport and dropped them off.
When we got back to the GR airport I had a voicemail message waiting telling me
where in the short term parking to find my car.  They must have just
dropped it off, because it cost me $2 to get it out.  Couldn’t be easier.
They did a great job detailing the car, and I was even able to get my
windshield replaced while it was there.  And when I take 5 1/2 days of
long term parking that I didn’t have to pay off the bill, the price is even

Ron’s right, this was a great idea.  Don’t be afraid to give it a try.

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