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Got dents?

We can remove them with Paintless Dent Repair!

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the process that allows for dent(s) to be removed without the use of any fillers or paint to be applied. Typical candidates for Paintless Dent repairs include small door dings, minor dents or hail damage. Whether the dents are popped out from the inside of the door panels, or from the outside itself, our PDR technician carefully assesses what the best approach is for repair. The cost of our Paintless Dent Repair service depends on the location, severity and number of dents there are throughout the different exterior panels.

Starting at $125 – Contact Us!

Our paintless dent repair process minimizes the use of body filler and applying any paint.  Our process is just simply “pop” the dent out. No mess, fast and easy. Candidates typically include door dings, minor dents, or even hail damage.  

So How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

Paintless Dent Repair is a specialized and meticulous process designed to get behind a vehicle’s “skin” and massage dented panels back to their original shape. Paintless Dent Repair allows technicians to remove hail damage, dings, minor dents and creases without compromising a vehicle’s factory paint job.

To accomplish a proper repair, the PDR process requires a trained technician who uses a variety of special tools that gently and slowly push dings and dents back in place. A quality repair requires delicacy, precision and, above all else, patience.  

If you currently have one, or even a few, minor dents or dings that you’ve considered getting fixed, call us today at Crystal Clean Auto Detailing to schedule your appointment!  Call 616-821-9074 or fill out the online contact form today and someone from our team will give you a call!  

Paintless Dent Repair