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Highest level of paint protection

Polymer Sealant will protect up to 6 months!

This is the most effective form of protection we have to offer at Crystal Clean. The synthetic polymer sealant forms a chemical bond with automotive paint. Beyond ordinary waxes that last only weeks, our polymer sealant will repel and protect your vehicle’s finish from damage due to ultraviolet rays, commercial soaps, acid rain, tree sap, insect damage, de-icing agents, and hard water spotting for up to 6 months!

It is highly recommended to couple this service with an Exterior Auto Detail, and is included with our Paint Restoration service.

Starting at $75 – Contact Us!

Polymer Sealant – What is it?

Think of polymer sealant like wax on steroids. Polymer sealant is designed to form an enhanced layer of protection to your vehicles paint and refinish lasting up to 6 months. It is the most effective form of protection we offer at Crystal Clean.  

While a typical wax job will last perhaps a few weeks, our paint sealant application will last up to 6 months! That’s incredible considering the time and effort it can take to wax your car when done correctly every few weeks.  

What does the Polymer Sealant protect my vehicle from?

Your car is exposed to many damaging things and objects on a near daily basis. Just sitting outside, alone, it is exposed to the harmful UV rays that can diminish the luster and shine of your vehicles finish.  Paint sealant can also protect against harsh commercial cleaning and soap products that some car washes use. It can also help against acid rain, tree sap, insect and bugs, and hard water spotting.  

Starting at just $75

We recommend our polymer sealant application when combined with our Exterior Auto Detail service. This can provide a terrific look and appearance you are sure to be proud of. And the paint sealant is good for 6 whole months!

Our services are completely affordable and help maintain your vehicles appearance and curb appeal.  We understand how important it is to maintain a clean looking vehicle. We also understand the painstaking task it can be to completely clean and detail your car to perfection.  

We can help your car look good!

Call us today to schedule your Exterior Auto Detail package and be sure to ask to include our paint sealant protection! We are sure you’ll be happy with the results – call or click on the online form today to schedule your appointment today – 616-821-9074

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