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Leather Restoration

Professional Leather Restoration

Start at $100!

Just as any other piece of furniture would, automotive leather surfaces undergo normal wear-and-tear over time such things as cracking, fading or discoloration, tears or rips – all of which can be professionally repaired to appear like-new with Leather Repair services from Crystal Clean. Leather reconditioning comes without the escalated cost of a full replacement part. Automotive interior reconditioning like repairing leather upholstery is serviced by our Interior Repair Technician who will rejuvenate all of the impurities of an entire area (i.e. – Seat, Row of Seating, etc.). Price will vary dependent upon severity.

Leather Restoration – What’s there to consider?

At Crystal Clean Auto Detailing, we offer repairs and services on leather restoration. If you have tears, burns, holes, seams, or need color restoration, we can handle just about any situation when it comes to leather interiors.

Over time, wear and tear is all a normal part of the diminished look of your interior. Being exposed to sunlight, daily use of getting in and out of your vehicle, spills and stains, burns, and accidental rips and tears can all happen.  

Leather interiors are a luxury and should be treated as such. It is easy to overlook small blemishes and issues in your leather upholstery thinking that the leather is not salvageable or repair worthy. That’s where our leather restoration team can come in and help your leather interior look great again.

Leather restoration can help restore your vehicles value and curb appeal. Consider the difference between an interior that has burns or tears vs an interior that has been restored and looking almost brand new when trying to sell your vehicle.