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Plastic Interior Repair

By Estimate

  • Vinyl, or otherwise named plastic, that has been victim of scratches, gouges or discoloration can be repaired without the need of a replacement part with Crystal Clean’s Vinyl Repair service.
  • Our Interior Repair Technician will professionally fill in any gouges, sand the affected area back to a smooth surface
  • We will also match the correct color dye to restore the vinyl back to a like-new appearance!

Upholstery Repair

Starting at $85

  • Upholstery that has been torn or discolored can be repaired without having to replace an entire panel, seat, headliner or carpet flooring.
  • Our Interior Repair Technician will carefully perform a hidden stitch technique, and/or water-based dye the affected area with results of a like-new appearance for the repaired upholstery.

Leather / Vinyl Repair

Starting at $100

  • Our Leather Restoration service requires the repair of a more general area of the vehicle’s interior, whereas our Leather Rip/Tear Repair service tackles minor impurities.
  • Stop in today and our staff will be able to evaluate which service would best meet your needs and expectations.

Steering Wheel Repair

Starting at $85

  • Our Interior Repair Technician will evenly sand and re-level the leather, then match the correct color dye to provide a like-new appearance.

Cigarette Burn Repair

Starting at:
$65 for Cloth Seats
$100 for Leather Seats

  • A cigarette burn can affect many areas – including the headliner, seats, flooring, vinyl areas, or any other of the sort.
  • You can depend on our Interior Auto Reconditioning Technician to use professional water-based dye to the damaged area, as well as reapply the appropriate fabrics to blend the appearance with that of unaffected areas.