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Is your engine looking grimy?

Its time for a little engine detailing!

An engine compartment can be one of the most overlooked areas on a vehicle to have cleaned and degreased. Open it up and you may find leaves caught in the hood jams, as well as dust and dirt residue all over the engine surfaces and under the hood itself. This service will shampoo the engine compartment with a powerful foaming de-greasing cleaner. It will remove oil and grease and loosen off all kinds of grime. After it has sit for awhile, a high pressure spray rinses it off and takes away the built up grime, sand, salt and everything else that can accumulate in your engine bay. It is safe on rubber and plastic hoses.

Free with detail by request – Contact us!

Our engine detailing service can help make your engine sparkle again.  

We first use a professional grade degreaser to remove any oil and grease residue. The degreaser helps loosen all the grime and prime the engine for our deep clean process.

Next, our engine detail technicians use a hi powered pressure wash and spray to remove the loose grime and dirt.  All of the hoses are rubber belts near and around the engine are left virtually untouched and safe.

Each engine is different just like a car’s interior. Our professional engine detailing technicians understand this and have the training and experience to get the job done right.  

Our engine detailing service is FREE when you request and combined it with any of the other professional detailing services.

Call us today to schedule your auto detail service today and we can help make your vehicle look great again.  Call 616-821-9074 or use our online appointment form to book yours today!

Engine Detailing