Ford Airport adds luxury detailing service for travelers’ vehicles

By Zane McMillin

Published: Wednesday, March 07, 2012, 10:27 AM

GRAND RAPIDS — Travelers who fly out of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport can park their dirty vehicle and return to a pristine ride thanks to a new auto detailing service being offered.

Standard Parking, the company that handles Ford Airport’s parking system, is teaming up with detailing service Crystal Clean to offer a “Fly ‘n’ Shine Detail Service” starting March 12.

Packages of varying cost can be purchased by fliers who utilize Standard Parking’s valet service, which costs $18 per day.

The packages are anywhere from $75 and $250, the low end being a hand wash and wax and more expensive services including exterior and interior detailing.

The detailing fees are tacked onto the overall parking charge.

An automated system lets Crystal Clean know when a flier has requested detailing service. While away, the traveler’s vehicle is picked up from the airport, taken to Crystal Clean’s Eastern Avenue facility, and returned.

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