Save on GRR Airport Parking Rates and Make Your Car Look Like New Again

Blue car in a parking garage

Traveling out of Gerald R. Ford Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan is typically a great experience, they were even named the Best Small Airport in the Country by USA TODAY, but what could make GRR even better? What if you could have your vehicle detailed, while you travel, and you can avoid the normal fees […]

The Interior Detailing Process During a Deluxe Fly N Shine Detail

Interior of a clean Mercedes

As a seasoned traveler, you understand the importance of first impressions and the value of your time. Picture this : You’re about to travel out of the GRR airport again and the last thing you need is to find a parking space in the long term parking lot that will cost you a lot of […]

How to Remove Odors From Your Car

Crystal Clean employee detailing the interior of a car

Smell that? That’s your car. No matter how clean or perfectly designed the interior of your car is, if it stinks, that will be the first thing you or someone else notices when you open your car door. Car odors can smack you in the face when you get into your car and simply rolling […]

Crystal Clear Vision: The Ultimate Guide to Headlight Restoration

Mercedes Benz parked in the woods

Everyone has seen it before, a car that looks great, the paint is sparkling, the wheels shining, but the headlights are foggy and have a nasty yellow color to them. This not only makes a car look terrible, but it can also have consequences to your safety and others. When headlights are fogged, or hazy, […]

Fly N Shine – A Car Detailing Service That Replaces Airport Parking

Image of a clean Ford truck in a parking garage

When a trip involves flying, your vehicle is the last piece of “home” you leave behind and the first piece you come back to. Wouldn’t it be great when you got back if you could get off your flight, grab your baggage, and slip into an automobile that is parked close by with a thoroughly […]

The Most Important Auto Detailing Services That Add Life to Your Vehicle

Close up image of a headlight on a red car

There can be some misconceptions about what auto detailing is and isn’t, but for a quick definition, auto detailing is the art of cleaning a vehicle back to like-new conditions. We won’t go too in depth about the basics of auto detailing in this article, but we have another blog that does just that and […]

Why it’s Important to Periodically Restore Your Ride With Auto Detailing

Cleaning the exterior of a car

Detailing your vehicle not only makes it look and smell better, but also helps protect the paint and interior, which can extend the longevity of your vehicle. A professional automotive detailing service can also increase the value of your vehicle if you are going to sell it. Those are just a few of the benefits […]