Outstanding work! They turned my dirty little truck into something that looked as if it had just rolled off the assembly line and into the showroom. Very impressed with the job, particularly with the paint restoration. On top of the great service, they even took some photos of the vehicle in their studio for me. I’m definitely coming back. Thanks guys!

Chevy Colorado 4×4

These guys did a remarkable job! My Porsche was like the day I bought it again. Will come back!

Gil Padula, MD
2006 Porsche Cayenne

When I noticed a fine mist of white road paint not just lightly splashed on small part of my less than 2 year old G6, but entirely covering the front bumper and hood as well as extending up onto the windshield, side mirrors and some parts of the roof, I wanted to cry. I called Crystal Clean and while they didn’t want to make promises, they quickly offered to do a test spot to see if they could remove the paint. I brought it in the next day after work for them to test a spot and much to my joy and relief I was told they’d be able to get the paint off. They squeezed me in with an appointment not even two days later and I dropped off and picked up my car the same day. Not only did they get all the road paint off, I’m pretty sure it looks better now than it did when I drove it off the lot 18 months ago. Customer service was great and I will be telling everyone about my amazing experience. Thanks so much Crystal Clean!!

Morgan W.
Pontiac G6

These guys do impeccable work. They addressed things for me that they had no reason to do. Superior professionalism and skill is all that you’ll find at Crystal Clean. They took my dingy car and made it shine. Plus removed the smell of smoke from the interior. I didn’t think that was possible. Thanks guys.

Jeremy B.
2006 Honda Civic

I purchased my 1995 Camry in January 2006 and am embarrassed to admit I have never waxed it. The body is still in excellent condition, but it definitely needed a little TLC, especially with winter approaching. After just a few hours at Crystal Clean, my car looks brand new! It is incredibly shiny and has a nice smooth finish now. The inside is spotless – even the glove box and all the little crannies and storage compartments are clean. Several ancient stickers are now gone and a several tiny stone chips were touched up. The staff is friendly, professional, and very helpful. I will be back before next winter and will be referring family and friends to have their cars done here. Great job, guys! Thanks for giving me a “new” car!!

Barb C.
1995 Toyota Camry

Brought the Hummer in after getting home from vacation and finding that the sunroof wasn’t sealed shut. It had a flood of water in it from a rainstorm. Crystal clean took it in right away on a weekend and got the car dried out then cleaned the damage up from the rain and applied a spray inside that prevents it from being able to harbor germs and bacteria and mold that may have been able to thrive with the water damage. They went beyond my expectations and even sprayed the running boards with a sealant for some rust that was on it. It looked almost as good as when we bought it new back in 2003. I plan on using Crystal Clean for all of our cars detail needs. The staff is very friendly and professional to deal with.

2003 Hummer H2

My Jeep looked fantastic! This was the first full detail it’s had since i drove it off the showroom floor and it looks awesome!! Great service, we’ll be back!

Kathy Thompson
2004 Jeep Liberty

Great service! I feel like I have a brand new car. Definitely worth it.


Incredible. Years of neglect…gone. I’m telling everyone! Great job!

Chris L.
2001 Chevy S10