A little about our Facility

In 2010, we overtook a 35,000 square foot empty building, and completely renovated to tailor a state-of-the-art auto detailing operation. For many, it is unique in its own right, due to it being the largest of its kind in the Midwest. Our main focus with such a large facility was to accomodate the 30+ dealership partnerships, as well as the growing individual customer base in the Greater Grand Rapids, MI area. Instead of fulfilling 20-30 Complete Auto Details per day, we now are able to handle 60-70 in a 24-hour turn-a-round time. Given the number of vehicles, security has always been a priority. Cameras have been installed throughout the Interior and Exterior of the building, in addition to our fully insured and bonded certificate.

You can trust our facility will keep your car safe.

Due to our quick growth, we have had to adapt quickly. The front offices located in the front of the building encourage cross-communication with its ‘open-door’ style environment. This change was made after we had realized that the desks inside of the shop no longer was the best option for providing customers the best possible service. We now have a clean, quiet, and professional environment for our employees and customers alike with a waiting area, free wi-fi, and a photo gallery to excite the automotive enthusiast.

The photography booth opened the door for a wide array of re-marketing services. Everything from photo uploads to dealer sites, printing window stickers, applying dealer specific decals and license plates, and utilizing content retrieved from the booth for website and promotional efforts. This studio relates to a side business in Elmhurt, Illinois called Real Photo Services that replicates this same concept in a satellite location.

Now that you have heard a little about us, come on down to our facility and see it for yourself.

Our Facility